How it Works


Choose your start date and the delivery frequency that is right for you. We offer weekly, every other week, and monthly delivery schedules. A credit card or e-check is required to set your member account and a $25 one-time member fee. This fee helps us cover the costs of our supplies.


Each week you will receive a newsletter at the beginning of your ordering window, prompting you to login to your account and shop! We pre-select the items for the Farm Box each week depending on what is fresh and available to harvest. The contents of the basket will vary with the seasons. However, we offer the unique ability to shop just like you are at a farmers' market. As an FPP member, you log in to remove any of the preselected items we have chosen and add other delicious vegetables, fruits, and artisan products like breads, honey, coffee, eggs, and cheese.

Your window to make any changes to your order is Friday morning to monday morning. This includes vacation holds, cancellations, or address changes.


Your order will arrive on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on the area you live in. There is no need for to be home at the time of delivery. We will leave the box at your door. If the weather is hot or you are ordering meat and dairy, just leave a cooler out that is large enough to place the entire box in. 

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. To ensure a worry free experience, we process payments each Friday after your delivery has arrived safe and sound! 

We know life gets a little crazy sometimes. You can put your deliveries on vacation hold or suspend your account just by just logging into your online member profile. 

Find a worm in your corn? That's because it's non-gmo. But have no fear, we will credit your account for any product that is unsatisfactory.